PDI has been a fluid power industry leader since 1984. For over two decades we have been Headquartered within NASA’s John C. Stennis Space Center Mississippi, and provides world-wide engineering and manufacturing solutions to the fluid power industry.

Stennis is a unique federal and commercial city that is home to more than 40 federal, state, academic and private organizations and numerous technology-based companies like us.

For more than four decades, Stennis has served as America’s largest rocket engine test complex. Located in Hancock County, Mississippi on the Louisiana border, the center offers a workforce of 5,000 civil servants, contractors, scientists, and engineers, providing a significant source of employment and income in the two-state region.

As a private company located within Stennnis we promote the economic, technical and academic growth and stability of the Center by helping share the cost of operating the facility, making it more cost-effective for each agency and resident commercial companies to accomplish their independent mission. Other commercial residents include Lockheed Martin Mississippi Space and Technology Center, the Rolls-Royce North America Outdoor Jet Engine Testing Facility and the Aerojet Rocketdyne rocket engine assembly facility.
PDI Becomes Power Dynamics Innovations LLC.

On June 30, 2015, Robert Hancock, Power Dynamics LLC owner and founder, announced that PDI was sold to Carl Liberty, Power Dynamics Vice President of Operations, in a “Structured Asset Purchase”. The acquisition by Mr. Liberty also involved a strategic business alliance with a private investor who will have a minority equity stake in the newly formed company, Power Dynamics Innovations LLC. With the asset sale, the newly formed company will continue providing worldwide engineering and manufacturing solutions to the fluid power industry.

Power Dynamics Innovations LLC (PDI LLC) will continue its business operations out of the Stennis facilities while acquiring additional square footage for expansion of its business. For the past eight years, Carl Liberty has been in charge of the business operations of Power Dynamics LLC and has played an integral part in building Power Dynamics to its position as an industry leader. “Carl’s engineering and manufacturing expertise is known and respected throughout the fluid power industry”, says Robert Hancock. He is happy to be passing the ownership torch onto Carl Liberty and his strategic business partner. “We are extremely happy for Carl and our employees. Carl and his Power Dynamics Innovations LLC team will continue the tradition of providing fluid power solutions we started back in 1984”, adds Hancock.

With the asset purchase Power Dynamics Innovations will retain all current employees; “We value our people as our greatest resource”, says Carl Liberty. Liberty goes on to say, “There are very few companies out there that can actually manufacture what we can produce. Our team of professionals understands the challenges of the diverse and ever-changing needs of our customers. I am very proud of what we have built here and our employees have been the key to our success”.

Fluid Power Industry Leader

Power Dynamics Innovations engineering and manufacturing expertise is known and respected throughout the fluid power industry providing successful fluid power solutions for over thirty years.

To better serve our customers, PDI has developed a twelve step manufacturing process aimed at improving efficiency while insuring quality. Our expert team of engineers provides superior product designs and our skilled craftsmen implement those designs into our products.

Utilizing up-to-date computer technology, engineering drawings and job files are readily available, assures little interruption in production. PDI’s integrated manufacturing system works to provide customers with safe, high performance, and cost effectiveness products.

Our full service manufacturing facility encompasses 51,000 square feet housing offices, warehouse, machine shop, fabrication, assembly and service areas.  From design to delivery, our Southeast Mississippi plant is designed to provide quality products to meet our customers’ needs. 

Building reliable and cost effective custom equipment has been PDI’s expertise for over 30 years.  We appreciate our customers and their continued trust in PDI.  We are proud to help them find solutions to complex problems and to extend their own capabilities.  The creation of our engineering and manufacturing division grew out of our client’s needs and we are proud to continue to meet those needs.