Working with WA Chester, PDI designed and built an underground cable pulling unit. The pulling unit features a traction winch and Storage real combination that can pull a constant 50,000 pounds over a length of 6500 feet. Of 1 - 1/8 wire rope. The primary purpose of this unit is to pull three conductors of high voltage power cable simultaneously through a single pipe duct underground. The operator’s cab contains a custom built processor that monitors load, speed and length monitoring system, as well as a portable control console that allows the operator to perform critical operations out of the cab or while observing conditions in the manhole.

The built-to-order platform for the pulling unit was provided by Ken worth and is a one of a kind chassis that was specifically designed and equipped to handle the weight of the pulling unit and to meet stringent US bridge weight standards.

When completed the chassis, bed, winch, storage reel, wire rope cab and power unit combination weighed within 1000 pounds of the maximum gross vehicle weight of 68,000 pounds